What are the benefits of copper-free mirrors?

Buying a mirror is a great idea and can become a fantastic investment. You have various options whenever you go shopping for a mirror, and you also need to consider many things. The style of your room and the overall space you have for your mirror all factor into the purchase decision. That being said, you always want to invest in a great mirror that’s dependable, durable, and suitable for your requirements. We all need a good mirror to see how we look, and maybe we need to adjust some of our looks.
Simple things like that can make a difference, and that’s why picking the right mirror is so important. When buying a mirror, you want to think about corrosion and rust resistance, but also the overall reflectivity.

copper free mirror benefits



You want the mirror to reflect well from any part of the room. On top of that, you want the reflection to stay faithful to the original, even if you see it from afar. The SODLC mirror helps maintain accuracy while avoiding situations when the proportions are distorted. If you need the highest level of detail from a mirror, then the SODLC mirror might be the right option to focus on.


copper free mirror vs tradition mirror

How are mirrors made?

It’s a good idea to understand the silver mirror-making process. You have a silver mirror that was treated with a special compound, and when it receives a float glass coating, it combines silver and Copper. The problem brought by Copper is that as time goes by, it becomes tarnished, or even worse, it fades, in which case you will see corrosion towards the edge.
Corrosion is common, especially for mirrors you store in the bathroom. Moisture and air lead to corrosion; even glass cleaners can do that. If you spray too much glass cleaner, you can leave some residue, which becomes a problem. The last thing you want is any type of corrosion, but there’s not much you can do. This is why a regular mirror lasts a year or two. Things like humidity levels, where you live, and where you place the mirror will influence its lifespan.

Is there a reason why copper-free mirrors are a better option?

Making a copper-free mirror involves a process named chemical precipitation. Here, you have a silver flake applied to the float glass, and then there’s a unique film added instead of Copper. After that, two more paint layers are added to deliver better protection against physical factors and chemicals.


free copper mirror coating vs tradition mirror coating

This leads to a higher-quality mirror, free of any lead or Copper. Many people choose copper-free mirrors because they are not affected by corrosion much. On top of that, you get to protect the environment because there’s no lead or sulfate in the mirrors.

How can you prevent corrosion and maintain your mirror in very good shape?

  • It’s a great idea to use moisture-proof oil at the mirror’s edge.
  • Installing an anti-fog bathroom mirror and using the heating function can help keep it dry while also extending its lifetime
  • You could also use the Copper-free mirror, which has a long lifespan and is an impressive antioxidant.
  • You can install a frame for the mirror that will help prevent the black edge problems that can sometimes arise.
  • Ideally, you should use a spray bottle with 5% alcohol and 95% water. Spray this on your microfiber cloth, wipe the mirror, and ensure that you avoid leaving any moisture on the mirror.

Why does SODLC use solely copper-free mirrors?

Here at SODLC, we specialize in delivering the best medicine cabinets and bathroom mirrors, and we are always focused on environmental health and cleanliness. We think that a copper-free mirror is better for the environment and helps you prevent any issues like corrosion. That’s especially true if your mirror is in the bathroom.
There’s no denying that copper sulfate is a potent, problematic chemical and a source of water pollution. Modern lighted mirrors are shifting from copper sulfate because this is known to be a rather dangerous and challenging compound.
We encourage you to stop using any products that involve copper sulfate as quickly as possible. Going copper-free is the right idea. Not only will you protect the environment, but a copper-free mirror also offers a better HD image and will last up to 3 times more than a regular mirror!


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