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10 Creative LED Mirror Design Ideas

choosing an led mirror design
choosing an led mirror design

Designing a bathroom is no easy task. You have plenty of factors to take into account, such as the functional purpose of the space, safety considerations, and the need for proper lighting. All of these factors must come together when building the perfect design. Investing in the right fixtures can give more value to your money when done right. A great place to start for that is the mirror. It will serve as the centerpiece of your décor.

Find out how to choose the right mirror, ways to build your design around it, and if a LED light mirror is worth the investment.


How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom mirrors are an important detail to finish off your bathroom design. They are often looked at as accent pieces to your bathroom – especially given the rich array of vibrant designs in the market – but they are first and foremost functional fixtures. The right mirror can add function and style to your bathroom.

It goes without saying that you need to put a lot of thought into your decision; it’s not easy knowing that there are an overwhelming amount of options in the market. You can start by narrowing down your options based on size. Your mirror should be adequately sized so that it complements your vanity. When executed perfectly, the use of mirrors can make your space look bigger.

The shape is another factor. There was a time when round mirrors were the go-to choice for bathrooms but you can find a variety of shapes to choose from including square or rectangular designs. Lastly, you should always consider the functionality of the space when investing in a bathroom mirror. The vanity is where you style your hair, brush your teeth, shave, or do all kinds of personal care stuff. The mirror you buy should have proper lighting and must be large enough so that you can do all of these things with ease.

led mirrors
led mirrors

Creative LED Light Mirror Ideas

A LED light mirror is a common fixture in modern homes these days. They are on the rise and they are rising quickly! But what exactly is it?

A LED light mirror is a mirror that is designed for bathroom use and comes with a built-in strip of the LED light. Depending on where you get your mirror from, the light can be dimmed and adjusted to suit your preference and what you need the lighting for. It is a practical investment because it provides functional lighting in your bathroom vanity. However, they also add an aesthetic touch to your bathroom to make it look modern.

LED lights are commonplace in many households because of its energy-saving benefits. But apart from the ability to reduce your energy costs, LED lights are also long-lasting. They last for up to 50,000 hours so you can use them for several years without the need to replace them. This will add to your savings and make them highly efficient for your bathroom lighting needs. It might not seem much but these savings could add up over time.

The addition of a LED light mirror to your bathroom might make it look luxurious; however, it is actually a practical investment. With this simple addition, you can transform a simple bathroom into a modern sanctuary.

The following are some creative ideas that you can get inspired by when it comes to styling your bathroom with a lighted mirror.

  1. Pair your LED light mirrors with recessed lighting on the ceiling. If you want to up the ante when it comes to your bathroom lighting and décor, one idea you can try is to combine the LED illuminated mirror with built-in lights on the ceilings. This will give a modern yet luxurious feel to your bathroom vanity with the use of simple and synchronized details.
  2. Make your lighted mirrors the centerpiece of your bathroom décor. If you want to maximize the style impact that this bathroom fixture adds to the space, limit the use of lighting fixtures in your bathroom. This will make the lighted mirrors the focal point of your bathroom décor.
  3. Pair it with wooden cabinets. Cabinets and other fixtures made out of wood provide a natural feel to your bathroom. It creates a beautiful contrast when paired with a modern lighting fixture like LED bathroom mirrors. At the same time, it provides a fresh feel to your bathroom space.
  4. Make it contemporary. Elevate your bathroom when you incorporate a mirror with LED lights together with a vibrant accent wall. For example, you can use vibrantly colored tiles or those with colorful patterns.
  5. Add LED lights on the walls and floors. By pairing the LED mirrors with LED lighting, you can use them as night lights on your bathroom for a crisp and clean look.
  6. Choose dark walls. The beautiful contrast of the bright LED mirrors creates a stunning effect on your overall bathroom décor.
  7. Add other lighting fixtures. While your LED light mirror can be the main source of lighting, you can add various elements such as small pendant lights for accent.
  8. Keep it soft and subtle. Use muted colors on your walls to make your lighted mirrors stand out. For example, use muted blues and greens on your bathroom walls.
  9. Install double lighted mirrors. This is an incredible way to create a “”his & hers” situation in your bathroom vanity. Add double lighted mirrors on the double sink so you have your own individual space to use. This is recommended for larger bathrooms to avoid overcrowding.
  10. Use white tiles. Take advantage of the lighting effect by adding white tiles on the back of the lighted mirror for a dramatic effect.
lighted mirror ideas
lighted mirror ideas

Final Tips

Do you want to invest in a LED light mirror? Consider the stylistic ideas listed above so you can maximize the wow factor of this lighting fixture. Small details can go a long way when it comes to revamping the look of your bathroom. Let the fixtures make the style statement for you so you don’t go overboard when it comes to your styling efforts.

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