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Medicine Cabinets With Mirrors

Our SODLC medicine cabinets with mirrors are made from Aluminum materials with interchangeable left or right-hinged frameless doors. Optional recess or surface-mounted installations are made possible to compliment a variety of different bathroom styles with easy side mirror removal for recess installations. Multiple levels of adjustable glass shelves are fashioned to allow toiletries and bath items to be hidden. SODLC offer a beneficial arrangement of versatility. Our medicine cabinets come in various sizes to fit your bathroom needs.
recess mounted medicine cabinets

Semi recess mounted medicine cabinets

surface mounted medicine cabinets

Surface-mounted medicine cabinets

Removable mirror cabinet door

Easy to install and maintain

removable mirror cabinet door

Replace mirror cabinet doors (only three steps)

1. Remove the waterproof connector  2. open the hinges  3. remove the mirror cabinet door

soft close hinge

Soft close hinge

Along with the clip-on system and adjustable hinges, the hinge provides a smooth and silent close to reduce noise and eliminate the slamming of doors.

double sided mirrors doors

Double-sided Mirrors Doors

With both double-sided mirror doors opened, you can use the internal mirror to look at the back of your head effortlessly.

semi recessable

Semi accessible

With touch sensor Technology and pilot hole, the shaving cabinet can be easily semi-recessed into walls to free up space.

adjustable glass shelves

Adjustable glass shelves

Tempered glass shelves can be adjusted to the millimetre on the integrated rail slate system. It offers a clean, minimalist look without the visibility of pre-drilled shelving holes.

Popular Medicine Cabinets Designs

led medicine cabinet with defogger
led medicine cabinet with clock
led medicine cabinet with outlet
medicine cabinet with lights

For more new products, pls check our product catalogue.

Why Should You Choose a led medicine cabinet?

led medicine cabinet

With LED bathroom cabinet lights for the bathroom, you can better see what you’re doing, solving any poor lighting issues that you may have. You can get a better view while shaving and flossing with quality lighting.
Cabinets with LEDs impress guests too. With bathroom mirror cabinets and lights, you can show your home’s best features and entertain with style and flair.

led color temperature options

Dimmable LED Lighting

Dimmable technology allows you to adjust the lighting level to your preference. Start your day energised with full brightness, then relax and wind down in the evening with a more subdued ambience – or choose anything in between.

led brightness options

Adjustable Color temperature

The variable lighting option lets you fine-tune your color temperature between warm (3000K) and cool (6000K) tones. Color temperature selection does not impact LED brightness and is a matter of personal taste and matching to other lighting and decor.

music player


Using wireless technology and integrated speakers
provide a richer. Enhance your bathroom experience with sound. Choose the playlist that sets the mood for the day and connect straight from your phone to the Bluetooth mirror. The in-built speakers project the sound to surround your entire bathroom space. Create an area that is entirely yours.


A built-in digital clock can show us the hours and minutes; we can control our time.

Spend more time doing what you love. Keep track of your bathroom time so you can do more with the rest of your time. The Digital Clock is seamlessly integrated – without marring the mirror’s beautiful look and feel.

time display
motion senser switch

Motion sensor Switch

Contactless switch to keep mirror cabinets clean
put your hand near the IR sensor, and the LED will light up!
Put your hand near the IR sensor again, and the LED turns off. Easy to control the lighting.

For more new products, pls check our product catalogue.

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