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Lighted Mirrors

Bring bright, natural light to the bathroom vanity with SODLC LED Lighted Mirrors.
Superior quality, unparalleled brightness, and a suite of customization options
make SODLC Lighted Mirrors the perfect match for any design.


full length lighted mirror


led bathroom mirror with bluetooth speaker and clock

Lighted mirror with Bluetooth speaker and clock

round lighted mirror

Round lighted mirror

oval lighted mirror

Oval lighted mirror

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Why Should You Choose a Lighted Mirror?

People who have one know why and miss the integrated light whenever they  use a traditional mirror.
When the light is integrated into the mirror, you have a clear view without shadows on your face.
Lighted mirrors give you a better picture of what you look like.

led mirrors


The right light is achieved by a combination of high lumen output and proper placement with
the face and body.SODLC have carefully designed to enable you to see yourself in the best light.

direct light
  • Eliminate dark shadows
  • Experience bright even task lighting
  • See rich, saturated tone in your reflection
  • Be confident that lighting stays consistent. Even for close-up tasks


lighting types task lighting

Task Lighting
Delivers bright, direct light for bathroom tasks

lighting types ambient lighting

Ambient Lighting
Indirectly washes the space with light

lighting types accent lighting

Accent Lighting
It sets the mood with a subtle glow


Light your look—head to toe—with the beautiful illumination of a full-length mirror that’s exceptionally
bright, dimmable, and perfect for your modern dressing room, bedroom, or bathroom.

makeup lighting


To get just the right shade
and weight of makeup application, fine-tune your color temperature to replicate your destination.

lifetime silver mirrors

Lifetime Silver Mirrors
Copper-free 5MM silver mirror glass is not susceptible to black edge corrosion.

led technology

LED Technology

 LED technology offers the even glow of ambient lighting, 60% more brightness than before, and greater energy efficiency that uses less power.

integrated touch dimming

Intuitive Touch Dimming
Tap the mirror to power the lights on and off, or gently touch and hold to dim brightness levels.

cri 90

Color-Accurate Lighting

The higher the CRI (Color Rendering Index), the more natural the lighting environment. See your true self with ultra high red R9 color that reflects accurate human skin tones.



Energy efficient, environmentally sustainable, and long-lasting lighting, reduces maintenance and electrical costs.

uniform and exact

Uniform And Exact
High-end lighting emits smoothly and evenly, eliminating the need for add-on diffusers, and radiates at a precise color rating for tones and hues that nature intended.

smart memory

Select your desired color before turning the lights off, and your setting will resume the next time you turn the lights on.

Mirror upgrades

Customize your SODLC mirror with technology upgrades that elegantly and

conveniently incorporate lighting control, defoggers, clocks, and more into the mirror.

dimming icon
adjusable icon
defogger icon4
motion icon
led clock icon
night icon
adjustable brightness

Dimmable LEDs

Dimmable technology allows you to adjust the lighting level to your preference. Start your day energized with full brightness, then relax and
wind down in the evening with a more subdued ambiance – or choose anything in between.

Touch Control Color Temperature
Whether you’re energizing your morning routine with cool, clean white, or winding down for a good night’s sleep with a warm and inviting glow, tune your light color with the in-mirror touch sensor. This adjustment serves as beauty lighting, so you blend and perfect your makeup shade to match your following location—use warmer light to prep you for intimate evenings, natural white for indoor events, and cool white for outdoor daylight activities.

adjustable color temperature

Expect a clear view every time, with a mirror that remains spotless after steamy showers.
SODLC’s defogger warms the mirror’s surface, so there’s no need to wipe away drips and streaks or wait for the condensation to clear.

After work one hours

Demister with Auto Cut-off

Enhance your bathroom experience with sound. Choose the playlist that sets the mood for the day and connect straight from your phone to the Bluetooth mirror. The in-built speakers project the sound to surround your entire bathroom space. Create a space that is entirely yours.

bluetooth speakers

LED Mirrors FAQ

This article contains answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our LED mirrors.

Just find your question and click on the link to see more details.

  • What are watts and lumens in the context of LED lighted mirrors?

We always rely on very bright LED strips when creating LED mirror products. The lumens make it easy to choose how much light you want. If you’re looking for a lighted mirror, we always recommend lumens, not watts. Watts measures the energy that’s generated by a source. Then you have lumens, which tell you brightness based on the light output and other similar factors, which is why you want to see a high lumen number because that’s what brings in the right amount of brightness.

  • Will the LED lighted mirror to bring enough light for a bathroom?

If you want to buy an LED lighted mirror, you want to determine if it generates enough light for the bathroom. Our LED mirrors can create enough light to ensure that you get to perform your grooming duties without an issue. This light is diffused so that it won’t shine into every bathroom corner. That’s why the focus is to have plenty of light and lumens, as that makes the difference. We always recommend installing a lighting system either on the wall or ceiling. According to the American Lighting Association, vanity lights require around 1600 lumens to have enough light for your day-to-day activities.SODLC mirror’s lux  as below.LUX for lighted mirror-Sodlc mirror

  • What’s the kelvin amount of the LED lighted mirrors?

The term color temperature is designed to showcase the amount of light generated by a LED. Color temperature was measured in Kelvin, from 1000 Kelvin and up to 10000 Kelvin. You will notice that the residential and commercial lighting units have a temperature of 2000 to 6500 Kelvin. The color temperature will dictate how everything looks and the results you get.

Color Temperature
2700K-3200K 4000K-4500K5000K-5500K 
Light Appearance Warm White Warm White Cool Daylight 
Ambiance Cozy, inviting Warm, welcoming Crisp,invigorating 

Best for 

Living rooms,
kitchens, bedrooms 
entryways, outdoor 
Basements, garages 
Table/floor lamps,
pendants, chandeliers 
overhead lighting 
Task lighting,
security lighting 
  • What is the ideal color temperature that you need to use for makeup?

Does the color temperature affect your makeup?
In short, it does affect your makeup. That’s because if the bulb has a high temperature, it can come with a yellow tint. It can damage your skin, which means the skin can look tired and not its regular self. Also, if you are the one that wears makeup in the warm light, you might end up doing too much powder and foundation. A bulb bringing in a blue tint is also not that great. These can help bounce off various red areas, so we recommend having makeup lights right in the middle. You don’t want things to be too hot or too cold. A color temperature of 4000 Kelvin to 5000 Kelvin is what you want to focus on the most.color temperature affect your makeup

  • Understanding the color rendering index for an LED mirror

The color rendering index for an LED mirror is a measure that helps identify just how faithful the light source can display colors for various objects compared with the standard or natural light sources.
Moreover, this helps you identify how color rendering light compares to the standard light source, even if they have the same CCT value. You will notice that it brings a medium number equal to the color rendering for the eight less saturated colors. Another thing to note is that manufacturers can test 6 more colors, which are saturated. Those won’t affect the CRI, although some manufacturers will also include saturated colors.
When it comes to the CRI values, these can go up to 100, that being the highest. Without a high R9 value, skin tones and natural finishes, such as wood, look lifeless. The high CRI value is excellent for a bathroom because it helps match your makeup to the skin tone due to highlighting it. If you have an LED mirror, the R9 value can be higher than 50, and we can customize it for you. The CRI should be 90 or higher for the LED mirror because it makes it easy to render the color efficiently. It helps reflect the human skin tone properly, which helps convey a much better result and quality.High-CRI-for-lighted-mirror

  • Can you dim your LED lighted mirror?

Yes, you can do that if you want. Our LED mirrors can easily be dimmed, and you can choose the brightness levels you want. adjust the brightnessWe can also help customize wall switches that make it easy to control these light mirrors. We also ensure that you have suitable product compatibility to avoid any issues. We can help fully customize the light mirrors and ensure they work with your Lutron dimmers, if possible.DVCL-153P

Compatible dimmer brands and models are as follows
LUTRON (Diva) DVCL-153P 
LUTRON (Lumea) LGCL-153P 
  • What is the anti-fog mirror temperature range when the heated film is working

One of the things to keep in mind is that when you are in your bathroom, glass surfaces like windows appear whenever hot water turns to steam, and then it converts back to liquid. The issue is that whenever water forms on a surface like glass or a mirror, those reflective properties are not the way they once were, becoming a problem. How To avoid fogging of the mirror, the LED mirror surface temperature must be either higher than the air temperature or close to that, which is why we created anti-fog mirrors. The film will start heating the mirror surface if you have the anti-fog feature. The defogger will raise the mirror surface temperature. That means you don’t have to wait for the condensation to clear, nor do you need to wipe the mirror. Sodlc anti-fog mirror will have a temperature around 8 to 15 degrees Celsius over the ambient temperature.LED bathroom mirror Temperature of the anti-fog filmOur LED mirrors have a shut-off function for defogging. After the mirror gets heated for an hour, the heating film will auto stops heating, so it helps prevent energy waste while also protecting the environment!Demister with Auto Cut off

  • Is there a dark area in the lighting area of the lighted mirror?

Mirror lighting corner dark areas will affect the customer experience. Our mirrors use a unique lighting design to avoid the problem of dark corners when the lighted mirror is 10%-100% dimming.


LED Mirrors Upgrades Options

10%-100% Dimming

3CCT dimming

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