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Infinity mirror

The infinity mirror is made according to the principle of reflection of light. When the LED light is powered, the light behind the mirror produces a light source virtual image. Due to the glass surface attached to the thermal insulation film will be received most of the light reflection of a small part of the refraction, refraction of the light continues to hit the lens, and the human eye can see the refraction of the lighting.

Infinity mirrors use the characteristics of the thermal insulation film, part of the light will always be reflected in the cycle between the reflector and the glass, and the amount of the light will be transmitted out, so the abyssal mirror to produce an infinite phantom effect.

Round Infinity Mirror

Round Infinity Mirror bathroom

rectangular Infinity Mirror

Rectangular Infinity Mirror bathroom

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How does an infinity mirror work?

LED Infinity Mirrors
infinity mirror Work

1)Light bounces back and forth between mirrors
2) Some light escapes the front mirror each time
3)Each time light escapes the front of the mirror, less light is reflected toward the back
4) The observer sees progressively dimmer “illusion LEDs behind the real one

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