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Quality Control

” Quality first “is our company’s principle and represents a company’s attitude towards responsibility. Our company Slogans: the quality of manufacturing, rather than testing out. Thus, Sodlc-mirror carries out its development and production strictly under ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system and procedures. Our QA laboratory adopts world-class equipment and facilities to get accurate data from inspection.

It needs to be verified by the test equipment. The verification has been divided into three parts: R & D Test, trial production test, and sampling inspection of mass production. Reliability tests aging test, temperature, humidity test, gas corrosion test, mechanical vibration test, mechanical impact test, impact test, drop test, dustproof and waterproof test, and packing pressure test.

Electrical circuit design

The hardware circuit is an essential part of the circuit system. Whether the hardware circuit design is reasonable or not directly affects the product’s performance. Hardware circuit design is generally divided into design requirements analysis, schematic design, PCB design, process file processing, etc. Every detail in the design process may become the key to the success and failure of products.

Product structure design

The product structure design is based on the overall layout to determine and draw the structure. The factual content includes material, shape, dimension, tolerance, and heat treatment and must consider the surface condition, processing technology, strength, rigidity, precision, and the relationship with other parts.

Integrating spheres for luminous flux

Integrating spheres Integral Ball test parameters are:
Electrical parameters: voltage, frequency, current, power, power factor;
Optical parameters: optical flux, optical effect;
Color parameter: color temperature (CCT) , Development Index (RA, R 9) etc…
Using this equipment, Our factory can choose the qualified LED light source according to the customer’s requirements.

Aging test

The aging test is the process of simulating all factors involved in the product’s actual use conditions to carry out the related diseases to strengthen the experiment, at the same time, according to the use requirements, reasonable prediction of product life.
Products through strict quality inspection. Aging test for 24 hours circuit test, power up and power down.

Salt spray testing

Salt spray testing

The salt spray test is an important method to test the salt spray corrosion resistance of products or materials. Therefore, designers can better material selection, structural design, process selection, product transportation, storage, and use to provide more practical information and improve the product or material resistance to salt spray corrosion.

High or low surrounding t

Surrounding Temperature Testing

The high and low-temperature test tests the effect of high and low-temperature conditions on the equipment’s performance during storage and operation.
By simulating the extreme working environment of the LED bathroom mirror, such as temperature and humidity, we can determine whether the bathroom mirror structure and raw materials are suitable and qualified.

EMC test

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC-RRB- test is a comprehensive evaluation of an electronic product’s electromagnetic interference(EMI). It is one of the important indexes to measure the quality of products.
The EMC test aims to detect electric appliances on the human body, electric networks in a public place, and other working electric devices.

Hi-pot test

The breakdown test refers to the voltage that withstands the test of the insulation material and insulation structure of the LED sanitary mirror. Applying a high voltage to an insulating material without impairing its performance is called a voltage endurance test. Generally speaking, the voltage test checks whether the insulation can withstand working voltage or overvoltage and then check whether the LED bathroom mirrors meet safety standards.

Packing reliability testing

Vibration testing

The transportation environment’s influence on product development is simulated by a vibration test. The early faults caused by unreasonable product structure, process and component installation are identified and eliminated, guaranteeing the quality and life expectancy of the bathroom mirrors.

Drop test

Drop test

The drop test for external cases is usually carried out according to the ISTA-1A or 2A and FedEx 6A standards. Most customers will choose 2A standard test, 1A and 2A test procedures are the same, but there will be a difference in the fall height.

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