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Works amazingly well for our small bathroom! Doubles as a great light for applying to make-up and for general lighting needs. The different lighting tones were a feature I didn’t think I would appreciate as much as I do!
– Katie, USA

We love this mirror in our guest bathroom. The brightest “setting” could be a tad brighter, but overall we really like it. It does not look tacky like some other mirrors that have lights.
The ani fog feature seems to work decently as well, and there are only small spots fogged up after a decent hot shower.
– Joann Flores, Canda

We bought several brands, and this one was by far the best mirror because it has an anti-fog feature, and it was much easier to install because it had allowed space for a plug behind it.

I ordered 2 of these mirrors to place side by side at my vanity during a complete remodel. Definitely is a bright light at the highest setting. Everyone that sees them says it looks awesome! Very happy with my purchase.
– Kevin, Canada

I like that the mirror has a warm and cool light setting. It is plenty of light to put on my make-up. The light is adjustable in brightness. And the price is reasonable. I recommend it
– oscar Osuna, UK

Replaced my 15 years old bathroom mirror with this modern LED vanity mirror over the weekend. It was so easy to install that removing my old mirror took longer. Love the bright white light from the LEDs. If you don’t like it bright, no worries, they are dimmable. This mirror is also anti-fog and works well. I will buy two more for the other bathroom in the house.
– Dino, Belgium

This led bathroom mirror works well. The led light gives a very clear view. The touch light switch is very sensitive. It matches my bathroom very well. Besides, it’s very easy to install with all the accessories needed.

– Perrotti, Spain

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